This is the kind of quote we jaded waste warriors wait for.  Today’s AP has a story about the fact that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) released a preliminary report on how states are using stimulus money. 

In his 45-page report, which you can find here, Dr. Coburn mentions $3.4 million that was used by the Florida Department of Transportation to construct an “eco-passage” on I 27, which is really a little tunnel under a road for wildlife trying to cross, especially turtles which, as you can imagine, just don’t have the steam to get across the roads without being crushed. 

It gets so much better, though, because in this “say-anything” culture, it isn’t enough to defend this ridiculous use of federal tax dollars by just saying it saves turtles (and by the way, wasn’t the goal of the $787 billion “stim” bill to save jobs?). 

No, instead, Josh Boan, the Florida Transportation Department’s natural resources manager, perhaps recognizing for the first time just how lame the explanation was when it was described out loud, to a reporter, felt compelled to add that “In addition to protecting wildlife, he said the project is needed for safety: turtles hit by vehicles can become flying projectiles.

We live for this stuff, really.  But what about signage for the turtles?  Shouldn’t we at least use some of that money to create itty-bitty, but clearly marked signs so the turtles know where the eco-passages are?