Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), never afraid to have to play the heavy when it comes to exposing government waste and mismanagement, has dropped a grimy lump of coal into Congress’ Christmas stocking.  A selection of the year’s most egregious wasteful spending items…..

• $3.2 million on a blimp the Pentagon does not want

• $367,000 wasted by a Texas school board on items like an inflatable alligator and under-the- sea waterslide, among other things

• $5 million for a bridge to a zoo parking lot in St. Louis

• $9,000 for a non-functioning airplane-shaped gas station in Tennessee

• $300,000 for specialty potatoes for high-end restaurants

So, on the night before Christmas, even after watching the melting away of gazillions of tax dollars in bailouts and the seeing the life savings of millions of hard-working people go up the chimney like smoke, it looks like all through the House (and the Senate), members of Congress continue to have visions of taxpayer-funded sugar plums dancing through their heads.

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